About Us

EliezaCurrently led by Mr Elieza Ngowi pictured Left a Senior Executive with over 11 years of progressive experience within the Information and Communication Technology Industry, with specific expertise in providing leadership to either formulate or achieve available corporate strategies , Coseke Tanzania Limited was founded in 1990 in Tanzania as the first Document Management Solutions company to have presence in the country and over the years , it has managed to provide solutions to both clients in the government and private sector.

Coseke Tanzania Limited was founded in 1990 in Tanzania; COSEKE Tanzania Limited is a regional IT company specializing in computerized mobile shelves, Electronic document management systems, mass storage technologies, document scanner, microfilm equipments, automatic data processing solutions and Business Process Management technologies.

COSEKE Tanzania Limited mission is to provide the best service and products in the market and we do this in two ways;

Our Business: COSEKE Tanzania Limited is dedicated to providing complete software solutions that enable clients to effectively manage their diverse information content and process applications. Our goal is to continue to lead the industry in the delivery of real-time management solutions for Enterprise Content and Process Management products and solutions.

Our Customers: COSEKE Tanzania Limited provides an integrated customer support program to achieve the highest customer satisfaction targeted to the unique requirements of our customers operating industrial-strength content and process management applications—long-term, high-volume, mission critical and complex designs implemented on a global scale.

COSEKE Tanzania Limited continues to maintain an intense focus on our core Content and Business Process Management solutions and emphasizing our commitment to our large customer base through our innovative and successful Investment Protection Program (IPP). COSEKE’s stated goal is to continue maintain high revenue growth levels organically and via continued acquisition.

Our Vision
COSEKE’s product vision is to provide a platform for capturing, managing and delivering unstructured content to the enterprise. This vision includes the provision of capabilities across a variety of media types where functionality is generic to all content managed by the system, yet functionality that is specific to each media type is also provided (e.g. content analysis for email processing). This vision is based upon our own customer’s wishes to not only capture and store content, but to build on that by providing customers with sophisticated content based process management features that enable organizations to quickly utilize content within mission-critical areas of their business.

There are a number of benefits that users of our technology realize. The primary benefits can be grouped into three categories: Efficiency, Control and Agility.

Efficiency benefits range from simply providing faster access to content to reductions in cycle times for content-intensive processes.

Control benefits range from regulatory control or compliance such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA (both are regulatory & control frameworks in the USA but which can impact any organization that has business dealings with USA companies) to providing better management visibility and control over automated business processes.

Agility benefits speak to an organizations ability to rapidly adapt to changing business conditions and opportunities. This is accomplished through sophisticated BPM capabilities that provide businesses with a level of automation that enables quick analysis of content to easily modifiable business processes.

Quality Means No Compromise” in our everyday engagement with our clientele and suppliers.

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